Parents & Families play a meaningful role in the lives of undergraduate and graduate students, and many students count on their parents and families for continued support and guidance.

Parents and families can offer guidance and encouragement, while also advocating for the self-sufficiency and responsibility that are necessary for college life.

You can help your student cope with these new responsibilities by providing a listening ear to your student and discussing and helping them manage expectations. For tips on having important conversations, please visit this page.

We work with you to understand your engineering student’s individual needs, help you navigate problem-solving options, and connect you to relevant resources. Even if you aren’t sure who to talk to, we can help. If we are not able to personally provide you with assistance, we’ll be sure to refer you to another individual or office that can. 

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From the increased academic workload to adjusting to a new environment, students may experience a great deal of stress or anxiety related to their new responsibilities as undergraduate or graduate students.

One of the most significant changes a family experiences in sending a student off to college is the difference in privacy standards for educational records at the University. The University of Michigan has a long history and tradition of protecting student privacy. Additionally, the University of Michigan is subject to a federal law called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (also called FERPA or the Buckley Amendment) that sets privacy standards for student educational records and requires institutions to publish a compliance statement, including a statement of related institutional policies. The University of Michigan policies often raise questions from parents, and the University has provided the answers to many of these questions here.

There are many resources available to your student, such as Academic, student life, safety, etc. If you would like help navigating this, please feel free to contact our office. Please find additional resources below:


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