If there is justification to question the accuracy of an assigned grade, the student should first pursue the matter with the instructor. The responsibility for the assignment of grades is primarily that of the instructor and should be settled between the student and instructor whenever possible. Further pursuit of a grade grievance should be addressed with the instructor’s Department Chair. The final appeal at the College level is by petition to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education or the Associate Dean for Graduate Education.

The College of Engineering Bulletin recommends the following grievance pathways to address academic-related grievances:

  1. Attempt to resolve the grievance directly with the individual involved (faculty member, staff member, or fellow student).
  2. If the matter is unresolved, or if the student does not feel comfortable approaching the faculty/staff/person directly and the grievance is with a faculty member or teaching assistant, discuss the grievance with the appropriate Department Chair.
  3. If the issue is still unresolved, undergraduate students should see the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and graduate students should see the Associate Dean for Graduate Education who are both located in the Robert H. Lurie Engineering Center.
  4. All students have the right to appeal to the Dean of the College if they feel their grievances have not been resolved satisfactorily by another dean.
  5. Graduate students may also discuss their grade grievance with a Rackham Resolution Officer, either through Rackham or the College of Engineering’s designated Resolution Officer through the Office of Student Support and Accountability.